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“worrying about the dunya is a darkness in the heart, while worrying about the akhirah is a light in the heart”

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“kind speech and forgiveness are better than charity followed by injury. And Allah is free of need and forbearing.”

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A Poem About Prophet Musa (PBUH)

“Who would’ve thought a mother with an unknown name, would have a son grown who now is an Islamic fame. Mother a slave, kept her son away from the grave, at an early age, to keep away from Pharaoh’s rage. Instead of a casket he was set in a basket, sent away in the Nile River, without a shiver, in the river flowing, protected by the All-Knowing baby prophet Musa landed with a new mother Asiyah. Baby shedding a tear for his mother to hear, to find his mother who had no fear, when all could be worse, she came as the Prophet’s nurse. Knowing her son okay, now she doesn’t worry another day. Trust in Allah, he grew up strong and fulfilled a prophecy, which set a legacy.”


Written by: Mohammad & Sana

           Brother & Sister 

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If you don’t thank Allah….

“if you never thank ALLAH, After every SMILE, Then you have no right to blame HIM for every TEAR”

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Poem of Modest Hijab

Hijab is my beauty

It is who i am!

To please

  My god!

Poem of Modest …


Islamic Quote

"Be content with what Allah has given you, and you will be the richest of

Islamic Quote…


If i lose hope…

“Oh Allah, when i lose hope and plans, help me remember that YOUR LOVE for me is greater than my disappointments, and YOUR PLANS for me are better than my dreams.” 




credit : Ali  r.a

If i lose hope….